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How much is my home worth?

Calculate an estimation of what your home is worth in seconds.


What is an ExprEstimate?

An ExprEstimate is a valuation estimation of what a property is worth in current market conditions. It uses a top-secret formula to produce a computer-generated estimation in seconds. ExprEstimates are a useful starting point for homeowners in trying to assess their property's current value.

What will my report show?

  • See your personal ExprEstimate report showing:
    • A live ExprEstimate valuation estimation
    • An estimated rental valuation
    • An interactive map/ table of your local Neighbourhood showing:
      • Sold prices with estimated floor sizes
      • Properties currently for sale
      • Estimated average property price for each street
      • Recorded crimes
      • Current planning applications
      • School Ofsted ratings
    • A national house price map
    • Your local region’s house price map
    • An interactive table showing local housing markets statistics for every Postcode District in the UK
    • A summary of the major housing market indexes, reports and expert commentary
    • Average house price changes since 1995
    • House price predictions for the next 5 years
    • All of the above are refreshed monthly. So, feel free to return to your account at any time to see the updated content